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High School
Course Offerings: (AP/IB/STEM Courses) Advanced Functions Calculus Physics Chemistry Biology
High School
Course Offerings: (Academic Courses) English Physics Advanced Functions Calculus Data Management Chemistry Biology
High School
Course Offerings: (Applied Courses) English Physics Functions Chemistry Biology
Middle School
Course Offerings: English Math Science French Social Studies
Middle School
Course Offerings: English Math Science French Social Studies
Course Offerings: English Math Science French Social Studies
GTA Learning - About Us

Helping the bright young minds
of tomorrow succeed!

Our passionate tutors give your child their undivided attention and pride themselves on laying down the bricks for your child’s academic success.
97 % Grade
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100 % Affordable

Our Story

GTA Learning was founded on the basis of supplementing the dated teaching methods that are used in schools today. Our mission was to align parents with the most qualified tutors in the industry at an affordable cost. Our tutors use the best teaching methods to implement a process that works. We believe that the best tutoring experience results from 100% of the educator's attention on your child. This is why all of our tutors exclusively offer 1-on-1 lessons.

We are constantly implementing industry-leading teaching principles and motivational strategies to help our students excel. We aim to build your child's interest in their course material, give them our undivided attention, and mentor them to consistently exceed expectations.
GTA Learning - Our Story

Our Difference

Certified from
Top Institutions
Certified from
Top Institutions
Certified from
Top Institutions
Certified from
Top Institutions

Our Tutors

Every parent wants the best for their child, and we make it our mission to hire the best tutors from Canada's top academic and professional institutions to mentor and tutor your child. Every tutor with GTA Learning is vetted for a consistent record of academic excellence, personability, and teaching capabilities.

Our meticulous matching process ensures your child’s learning style and personality are matched to the perfect tutor to promote a lifelong student-mentor relationship. Additionally, all of our tutors are subject to rigorous training programs and frequent performance reviews to ensure that they are exceeding expectations. This is why we are consistently rated to have the highest rated tutors in Milton.

Our Guarantee

Delivering significantly better results than the average learning centre has always been of utmost importance to us. Many learning institutions treat tutoring like a business, but we aim to build long lasting and impactful relationships between our tutors and students. This is why we can confidently guarantee a grade improvement for every child that completes a full program with us.
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Why Us

Grade improvement guarantee
Expert and qualified tutors
Only offer 1-on-1 sessions
Complimentary after-hours support
Resume and skill building workshops
Higher education workshops