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High School
Course Offerings: (AP/IB/STEM Courses) Advanced Functions Calculus Physics Chemistry Biology
High School
Course Offerings: (Academic Courses) English Physics Advanced Functions Calculus Data Management Chemistry Biology
High School
Course Offerings: (Applied Courses) English Physics Functions Chemistry Biology
Middle School
Course Offerings: English Math Science French Social Studies
Middle School
Course Offerings: English Math Science French Social Studies
Course Offerings: English Math Science French Social Studies

High School Baccalaureate
Tutoring Near You

Our Baccalaureate high school tutoring program is built for students who excel at or exceed current curriculum expectations for their grade level. We understand their dedication to the academic pursuit, desire to be challenged, and motivation to succeed. Try it Free No obligation, truly Free!
High school Baccalaureate tutoring in the GTA

Courses Offered

All of our baccalaureate students are matched with the best tutors near them to deliver enriched material, challenge their inquisitiveness, and provide them with solid study habits that will guarantee their success in both their university and professional careers.

Every student must pass the learning assessment to successfully enrol in the baccalaureate program.
  • AP/IB/STEM Math

    This program focuses on developing important mathematical concepts in a comprehensible, coherent, and rigorous way, achieved by a carefully balanced approach. Students are encouraged to apply their mathematical knowledge to solve problems set in a variety of meaningful contexts.

  • AP/IB/STEM Physics

    Tutors provide students with opportunities to develop manipulative skills, design investigations, collect data, analyze results and evaluate and communicate their findings on a higher level to excel at a college level for their physics courses.

  • AP/IB/STEM Chemistry

    This program focuses on chemical principles underpin both the physical environment in which we live and all biological systems. Chemistry is often a prerequisite for many other courses in higher education, such as medicine, biological science and environmental science.

  • AP/IB/STEM English

    This program aims to develop the students’ powers of expression, both in oral and written communication, and provide the opportunity of practicing and developing the skills involved in writing and speaking in a variety of styles and situations.

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